Ad Infinitum is committed to sharing its passion for theatre making through an educational program that continually grows and evolves. We have worked all over the world running workshops and master classes for young people, adults and professional theatre makers, actors and directors -as well as those who just want to explore our style of theatre making, including doctors, teachers and lawyers.

We work internationally with schools, colleges and universities to bring our unique approach to theatre to students of different ages. We work with festivals and professional theatre venues to bring workshops and master classes to adults all over the world. And we run master classes throughout the year on a wide range of themes for professional and semi-professionals who work in the theatre industry – though our participants are not limited to acting, we have also welcomed designers, directors, practitioners, and many more.

Ad Infinitum offers a wide range of tailor-made workshops and master classes that vary in length and theme. From one hour workshops to weekend and week-long courses. Each time we facilitate a workshop we do so according to the needs of the organisation inviting us and the participants taking part.

We also offer post-show discussions, lectures and talks on request.


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