My Two Mums (The Myths of Gay Adoption) | Lynne Elvins | TEDx Bristol

Lynne and her partner Emma, became the first gay couple to be approved for adoption in Bristol, UK, in 2004. Lynne takes us on the incredibly moving and thought-provoking journey her family embarked on with their adopted son Steven. She also addresses the media headlines and myths around same-sex parenting, the machinations of the adoption process and society’s ingrained assumptions about gender roles.

today fm: Is Being Child-Free Environmentally Friendly?

Leilani Munter, patron of Population Matters, talks to Today FM about whether we need to make it more socially acceptable to not have children, and the impact of this decision on the environment.

BBC: One to One 

Comedy writer Sian Harries and columnist and broadcaster Grace Dent discuss that strange taboo for women - ambivalence towards motherhood.

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton talks to Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black. She drops in to celebrate the news of their first baby, and to learn what makes them happy.

Amongst the joy and goodwill messages, there have been some negative comments.  We hear the way in which they deal with people’s opinions and continue to celebrate the good news. They discuss the fine details of surrogacy, what it means for them as a gay couple to start a family, and how they think it will impact their already busy and successful lives.

The Philosophy of Parenting

In this four-part series Matt, as a first-time dad and public philosopher, goes on his own search of prudent advice.