Orian Michaeli

Associate Director


Projects:  Ballad of the Burning Star, Bucket ListNo Kids


Orian Michaeli - Choreographer / Dancer / Actress Born in 1983 in Israel. Since 2009 working as freelancer choreographer, dancer, deviser and actress. She has worked with different choreographers and directors in Israel.  

Created choreography for "Mouthpiece” (2014-2015), Quote Unquote Collective, “This might hurt a bit” (2014), Max Stafford Clark – Out Of Joint, Pitcairn” (2014), Max Stafford Clark – Out Of Joint, ,"Quite”  (2012), “Talented Like a Demon” (2011) Choreography and Acting in Films: " "Mouthpiece” (Director: patricia rozema, 2018) “Goose Bumps” “It’s Not All That Simple” “Fairy on the Roof” ( Director: Hadas Noiman). Awards: Keren Sharet Foundation Scolarship, Lohamei Hagetaot Museum Award. Currently creating a choreography for "Quote Unquote Collective" new work "Now you see her", for Mark and Marichka Marczyk new work "Balaklava Blues" , Toronto and  creating Demo Demonstration, a dance-theater piece.