SEiko Nakazawa

Performer / Actor / Physical actor


Projects: Ballad of the Burning Star


Seiko graduated from Associate degree in Theatre Toho Gakuen College of drama and music.

After graduation, Seiko made her appearance mainly on musicals and commercial theaters and work with various directors including Yukio Ninagawa, Kazuyoshi Kushida.

Seiko went to France in 2004, and trained in the physical theatre at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre for 2 years (2nd year was granted as the program of overseas study for upcoming artist by the Agency for Cultural Affairs).

After back to Japan, Seiko performed in many distinctive stages like music drama, dance performance and straight plays directed by Akira Shirai, John Caird, and Hiroshi Koike and so on.

Besides Seiko came and went between England and Japan for the creation with Ad Infinitum led by friend who she came to know in the Lecoq school. Seiko took part in their works The War and Ballad of the Burning Star.

After the period of giving birth and child-rearing years, Seiko restarted her work since 2016. Seiko founded a company “Mina Watoto” for the children in the world , then started working on a project focused on laugh and energy for life. Nowadays Seiko is creating a theatre piece with using images, music, and bodies to present to the world.