Projects: No Kids

Stefanie Sourial, born 1981, realized theatre projects with homeless young people in Paris and Cairo (1999-2005).

In 2007 she graduated from the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris. In the following years she leads theatre workshops in Belgium, Russia, Turkey and Vienna, among others, or worked as a band coach at the annual "Girlsrock Camp".

As a freelance performance artist and musician, Sourial creates her own solo projects, including "FREAK" (2014/15), touring Austria, Germany and Switzerland, releasing her first music album "Amsterdam" under the label fettkakao, winning the "Blue Bird" Singer Songwriter Award 2014, is part of the collective "Club Burlesque Brutal" (2009-2015) as a burlesque performer, directing and choreographing for external projects.

Since 2012 Sourial has been working with the multi-award-winning company Theatre Ad Infinitum.

Since 2015 she has worked in numerous theatre productions in her hometown Vienna, such as a Gin Müller production Fantomas Monster (2016/17), Barbis Ruders DU (but actually it's about me) (2017), Nerstervals Dirty Faust (2017/18), and is currently in a new Veza Fernandez dance theatre production When Eye Becomes Mouth. Sourial is also a presenter for various events, is part of the award-winning Okto TV series "Studio Kottlett", collaborates on various performance festivals and projects, for example the first queer performance festival called S_P_I_T_ which will take place in the Tanzquartier Vienna in June 2018.

Since 2015 Stefanie Sourial has also been teaching Performative Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.