Chloe lives in a world with only one colour, a world that is completely grey. But at night, when she’s wrapped up tight, her dreams are colourful and bright.

Unable to contain her imaginative thoughts, Chloe tells of the vast blue seas, lush green jungly-trees and golden yellow sands she’s seen. But, hushed at once by her old Grandma Magenta, Chloe is warned to keep such thoughts at bay – for the Grey Queen is out to wash all trace of colour away.

Transforming Bristol Old Vic's brand-new Weston Studio into a vibrant world of colour and rhyme, join Chloe on her courageous journey to unleash all seven shades of the rainbow in this extraordinary and wholly original tale of bravery, selfexpression and fighting for what your heart knows to be true. 

Perfect for ages 4–7 and their families.

Co-Production with Bristol Old Vic.

Age Recommendation: 4+


Writer and Director: Nir Paldi
Designer: Katie Sykes
Composer/Musical Director: Brian Hargreaves
Devised by: The Company


For previous work, Town Hall Cherubs:

'Children’s theatre as an art form' 
The Stage
‘Deeply imaginative and entrancing'
Time Out