A call out for Deaf stories...


This is our English call out for Deaf Stories. For the BSL version watch the video above - big thank you to David Ellington for helping us make it!

Our new project, Extraordinary Wall of Silence, is a collaboration with Paddy Ladd exploring his book about Deafhood, with 3 Deaf actors, David Ellington, Matthew Gurney and Mia Ward and two hearing actors Deb Pugh and George Mann collaborating to create a production exploring Deaf culture, history and the oppression of Deafness.

We're looking for Deaf stories about growing up, being at school, college or university, and living as a Deaf person in the UK.

We are interested in positive and negative experiences with 'the hearing world' - oppression, making friends, finding a romantic partner with someone who is hearing, and more.

We also want to use stories which celebrate Deaf culture, sign language, and history.

So your stories could become part of our stage production.

Of course, these will be anonymous with all names changed - so anything you share will be kept private :-)

We invite you to attend during the 1st week of rehearsals at a time that works for you, 19th-23rd November 2018.

We're not able to pay, but we can offer tea and coffee and tasty biscuits!

If you also know anyone that might be interested and could help us, please forward this to them.

This is a great opportunity to tell the hearing world things you have always wanted them to know, so we can raise awareness about the lives of Deaf people.

Contact us via text on 07595674442 or email nirandgeorge@ad- infinitum.org ASAP so we can plan a time to meet you.

Many thanks,

Team Ad Infinitum

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