No Kids 2019 tour: press and reviews

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No Kids is touring around the UK this Spring and we’re delighted by the great feedback and reviews we’ve been getting! Take a look below at some of the highlights, and we hope to see you at our next performance!

Interview on BBC Radio London with Jo Good - listen here!

“Ad Infinitum is different. It is a theatre company that refuses to be put in a box”
Lyn Gardner, The Stage

“What really struck me is the number of children all over the world who don’t have parents,” he said. “If we can provide a home to a child, that would be a good thing.”
The New York Times

“It’s a story about a couple who love one another, very much, but they’re being torn apart by their conflicting desires and opinions on whether to have children or not”
This Week London

“Highly animated, skilful and passionate…unique and inventive storytelling”
★★★★ Boyz Magazine

“No Kids brings the issue of gay parenting centre-stage”
★★★★ QX Magazine

“No Kids is much more than a play. It’s an argument, a discussion, a life decision”
★★★★ A Younger Theatre

“The exuberant physicality of the production is balanced by tender moments of introspection. No Kids will make you think, laugh and cheer”
★★★★ Theatre News

“Bold and touching production of No Kids, an overarching exploration of the issues faced by gay individuals who are considering starting a family”
★★★★ The Upcoming

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